Mother's Day is nearly upon us, so if you haven't figured out your mom's gift yet, it's crunch time. It can admittedly be hard to know what she wants, so I took care of that for you!

More often than not, if you just ask, she'll give you an honest answer. So, after nearly 100 moms responded, we've compiled five of the most common answers. Conveniently enough, they're all super easy to accomplish.

  • 1

    "Me" Time

    Hopefully you're already well aware of this but just in case: your mom does a lot for you. Even if you don't see it in an obvious way, she's always looking out for you.

    So, on Mother's Day, give her some time to herself. Maybe she uses the time to sit and do absolutely nothing, maybe she uses it to sleep, maybe to garden. A little time for self-care can go a long way.

  • 2

    A visit for lunch

    That being said, don't just ignore her on Mother's Day. Offer to take her to lunch, or to just come hang out and chat for a few hours. Odds are she wants to see you. She just wants the best of both worlds.

  • 3

    House/yard work

    Your mom spent years picking up after you. No matter how good a kid you think you were, I guarantee that you were still messy.

    Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to return the favor. Offer to clean all the bathrooms, or pull weeds from the yard. If you're really feeling it, give the entire house a top to bottom cleaning.

    And don't ask for an allowance.

  • 4

    Recognition that it's Mother's Day

    I was SHOCKED at how many moms said they wanted their kid to give them a card, or just SAY "Happy Mother's Day."

    This one is basic. If you can't make it out to see your mom in person, spend the postage to send her a nice card and flowers or something. At the very, very least, make sure she gets a text.

  • 5

    A Massage

    It seems to be a rule of the universe: moms are always stressed out. They're in charge of a lot! An easy way to relieve that stress is a massage.

    In this case, sending your mom to a professional might be best, since they actually know what they're doing. Even an hour can seriously help your mom's tension and stress levels.

    If you want to go the extra mile, massage her yourself! Just don't hurt her (it's surprisingly easy to do so).

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