Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, I'm sure you've heard that Beyonce is pregnant with twins; and everyone is thrilled. So thrilled that even though she may not bless the attendees with her presence, a bar in Chicago is throwing her a baby shower.

According to Midday Michelle, the Beauty Bar plans on paying tribute to the mega pop star with a shower that's more fitting for hipsters and even her dad as they're offering a happy hour with specials on pitchers of Old Style beer and shots of Malort. Not exactly Beyonce's style.

Perhaps these five places in Rockford would be a better fit?

Here are five places in Rockford that would be perfect for Beyonce's (and even yours) baby shower.

The Standard

The Standard is a one of a kind space in Rockford with beautiful views of the Rock River; if the Carter's are looking for something with elegance and class; this is the spot.

Prairie Street Brewhouse

Another great spot on the river, the Prairie Street Brewhouse is the perfect spot for elegant, family fun. Beyonce and the rest of the Beyhive can enjoy a baby shower that's upscale while still being family and kid friendly.

Social Urban Bar & Restaurant

If trendy and intimate is what Beyonce is looking for, then the best baby shower spot in Rockford is Social. The food is as unique as their baby announcement and they would probably create a specialty cocktail just for Bey's special day.

Nicholas Conservatory

Usually you save the calm and relaxing atmosphere for the birth of the baby, but Nicholas Conservatory is a one of a kind place to have a distinctive baby shower and while Beyonce's in full bloom, she can check out "In Full Bloom: The Orchid Exhibit."

The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms

Relaxing is good, and so is calm, but if a little privacy and seclusion is in order for this baby shower, than the Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms would be ideal. The design and layout of the entire property is stunning and surely good enough to host a royal hip hop family.


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