You're invited to Beyonce's Chicago baby shower! It's missing something though...

Everyone is really excited for Beyonce's new babies, one bar in Chicago is so excited that they're throwing her a baby shower.

Problem is, the guest of honor probably won't be in attendance. Never say never, right? I suppose Beyonce could walk in, but it's highly unlikely.

Especially once she sees the drink menu.

Sure, there's usually alcohol at baby showers, but light drinks like mimosas or a punch. This baby shower must be for hipsters and my dad.

The Beyonce Baby Shower drink specials at, 'Beauty Bar Chicago,' include Malort and Old Style.

I get it, those two drinks are very Chicago, but they don't quite mix with Beyonce or baby shower.

According to the Facebook event page, shower is this Friday night from 7-9pm and features the following:

Happy Hour Drink Specials: (7pm-9pm)
$10 32 oz. Old Style Mini Pitcher + (2) Shots of Malort
$3 Old Style Drafts
More Happy Hour Specials TBA!
ALL Beyoncé music 7pm-9pm!
Custom curated manicure decals, visuals, baby shower decorations and more!"

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