Days without sunlight and bitter cold nights (and days) are stressful. Then add in work and kids that need something every 2 minutes and it's time to step away.

I find any one of these 5 things below to be a perfect way to drop my stress level, my hope is that it will do the same for you. Please share what works for you, I'm always game for trying something new.

1. A large order of cheddar fries from Beefaroo with NO FORK. Licking cheese off your fingers will elevate the de-stressing factor.


2. 20 minutes in the steam room at Peak Sports Club on Perryville Road.


3. Head to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary at 111 N. 1st St. in downtown Rockford and pet some puppies and kitties. Even better... adopt one and bring it home.


4. Go buy a handmade soy candle from Candle Crest at 1418 20th St., probably pick up a bath bomb or shower steamer too. Head home, lock yourself in the bathroom, light the candle, turn off the lights, fill the tub or turn on the shower and disappear. It helps to have some music playing as well.


5. Go get a wine slushy at McEachran Winery at 1917 Wyman School Rd. in Caledonia. Trust me.

Now put down your phone and go try one of these things.

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