The incredibly talented actress who brilliantly portrayed 'Pepper' in the TV series American Horror Story is coming to Rockford.

Naomi is one of many celebrities joining us for Geek’d Con at the Mercy Indoor Sports Center on October 1st and 2nd. Two days of amazing fun, filled with comic books, cosplay, art, games, and more.

Meeting Naomi Grossman is very high on my list of things I'm most looking forward to at Geek'd Con. Here are 6 reasons why you'll be just as excited to meet her as well.

1. I will be honest, I didn't realize the actress playing this role did not have the condition microcephaly that Pepper's character has.

2. She graduated in theater from Northwestern University. Go Wildcats!

3. Like me, she's not a big fan of either presidential candidates

4. She can make her legs disappear

5. She stops to smell the roses

6. Naomi's answer to this question from

You wear it well! I’m 6 foot 3, male and have a head shaped like a watermelon. I hope each and every day that I never have to do that for a role.

You know, every day I get dressed and think, “Who do I want to be today?” So, lately I’m enjoying being a badass baldy! People take themselves too seriously. Especially women about their hair. I’ve never had more male attention than since I came here and shaved my head. I don’t know if that’s Nola, or my hair, or just my general swagger, but the fact is: MEN DON’T CARE.

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