If nobody's told you today that you're beautiful, can I be the first? You.are.beautiful.

How good do you feel, now? Giving compliments is the easiest, and cheapest way to pay it forward and make someone else's day. Think about it, if you're in a crummy mood but someone comes up to give you a pat on the back and tells you you're doing a good job at life, don't you feel 100% better? If you don't, then there probably isn't any hope for you; but hey, you'll give it another try tomorrow.

Or maybe you just didn't get the right compliment. Maybe one of these would make you crack a smile. Here are 9, fun ways to compliment someone from Rockford:

1. Your ability to dodge unexpected potholes is spectacular.

2. You have an amazing figure for someone who loves cheddar fries.

3. Nice bucket of Mrs. Fishers you got there.

4. You really make me want to live in Screw City with you.

5. Your cooking makes my mouth magically water.

6. That's a nice Cheap Trick collection you've got there.

7. Time stops whenever I'm at the Clock Tower with you.

8. You light up my flame whenever I see you.

9. Dang, you're stronger than a Rockford Rivet.

Do you have a compliment that you could add? Leave it in the comments.

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