This past Sunday, a camel caused quite a commotion near an Illinois Interstate near Decatur.

No, I'm not making this up either.

It's not every day that Illinoisans see a camel out carousing, but that's exactly what the Macon County Sheriff's Department saw on Sunday off I-72 and Exit 48. (Herald Review)

The department was alerted by travelers that they saw a two-humped camel out running in a bare cornfield near the Pilot Truck Stop by Exit 48.

It took them chasing the camel nearly an hour and a half to finally catch it so that it's owner could lasso it and return it to its pen.

Honestly, I wish they had a video of that. I think it would have been funny to see.

Actually, I'm just imagining the 911 calls that came in reporting that a camel was out running in a field. That would have been funny to hear as well.

I just wonder what kind of radio code they gave out to the responding officers?

The "radio code for livestock loose near a highway — 10-54" but what would a loose camel be?

Overall, I am that the cavorting camel never ventured from the harvest fields or worse yet, got hit on the interstate and made it safely home.





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