I've been waiting twenty-five years to shop for Friends clothing an home decor every time I leave my house and now my dreams are coming true.

Let me tell you a little bit about junior high Midday Michelle. She was obsessed with Friends.


I had a bulletin board in my bedroom that was filled with photos of the cast I Google-searched and printed off in color and then there was the collection of Phoebe's songs and next to that, my printed quotes.

I basically made a booklet of each, with cover pages that hung on my board an the quotes were organize by character and highlighted.

I promise I no longer have those booklets, but I do still know all the lines to Pheebs' songs and all of my favorite quotes.

So clearly I would like to purchase everything that is coming to Aldi as part of this Friends collaboration.


No word as to when it's coming but hopefully in time for Christmas.

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