Gunther Central Perk would want you to help out, especially since the money raised will go to a great children's hospital.

They are working right now to bring us the perfect Central Perk experience and since they've been killing it, Marcus Theatres caught wind and decided to give them the chance to score a Friends orange couch permanently.

The best part is, Marcus Theatres wants to give them the couch in exchange for a donation to Children's Wisconsin.

They are about halfway there and every time you donate, you will score a reservation at the couch!

The following is listed on their GoFundMe account.

Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse, the new Friends Themed Coffeehouse opening in lil’ ol’ Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, has the opportunity to have THE ORANGE COUCH permanently!  About 3 weeks ago, a representative from Marcus Theatres contacted us due to all of the attention we were getting from our social media posts. They said they had THE couch set from Warner Bros. Apparently Warner Bros had 20 replicas of the couches in circulation and they had one of the 20! They offered to give it to us in return for a donation of at least $7500 to Children’s Wisconsin (formerly Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) BY NOVEMBER 20, 2019 in order to be able to get it here.  So, since we think outside of the box, as you have learned by now, Lol, we decided to put together this go fund me and offer you reserved time on the couch in return for your donation.  We have an Orange couch, but since this is THE COUCH, and it will be very difficult to ever come in when it isn’t being used, we have put together a reasonable donation schedule so that you can reserve the couch and support your local Children’s Wisconsin at the same time. All donation increments are accepted and appreciated.  Larger donation amounts will, as described below, secure a designated reservation for your Friends and/or Family on the Couch.  This would be great for Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Private Parties, Photo Shoots, etc.

For every donation of $25 - you will secure a 15 minute reservation
For every donation of $50 - you will secure a 30 minute reservation 
For every donation of $100 - you will secure a 1 HOUR reservation
For every donation of $200 - you will secure a 2 HOUR reservation
For every donation of $300+ you will secure a 3 HOUR reservation
This reservation will be good for, but limited to parties of 7 or less. All reservations will begin the week following the Grand Opening and first week of business. Reservation dates and times are on a first come first serve basis, once reservations are opened (reservation opening date to be announced, once Grand Opening date has been set). Entire net donation amount will go straight to Children’s Wisconsin.  If we do not meet the required donation amount, all funds donated will be refunded.

I'm so excited for this coffee shop and even more excited that they're raising money for an awesome cause as they get this epic couch in their shop!

The orange couches recently toured the country and my friends and I weren't able to make it to the Chicago stop but you better believe we will on that couch when it comes to Twin Lakes.

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