Tons of kids are on Instagram, but do they really know what they're agreeing to when posting videos and photos using the popular social media app?

According to, the Instagram terms of service is 5,000 words and 17 pages long.

Kids will never make it through all that, when all they really want to do is share their pictures online. As an adult, I'm not sure I would make it through all those words and pages either.

Thankfully a lawyer took all the legalese and turned it into something everyone can understand.

A Lawyer Rewrote Instagram's Terms Of Service For Kids
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Inside the kids friendly Instagram terms of service a few surprising things came to light.

  • Regarding posted pictures or photos, "Other people might pay us to use them and we will not pay you for that."
  • Regarding personal information, "includes your name, email address, school, where you live, pictures, phone number, your likes and dislikes, where you go, who your friends are, how often you use Instagram."
  • Regarding ads, "You cannot stop us doing this and it will not always be obvious that it is an advert."
  • Regarding your username, "We can force you to give up your username for any reason."

There's so much more. The UK based attorney, Jenny Afia, posted the entire thing online for everyone to read.

If you have kids who are getting into social media, and especially Instagram, make sure they read page 10 of Growing Up Digital here.

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