Break out your wallets, get a loan, and check the couch cushions for pennies because you're gonna need them if you stay at this place.

Actually, you're gonna need a whole ton of pennies if you're staying at Hotel Zachary.

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It's a gorgeous new hotel right across the street from the famed Wrigley Field and boy, is it expensive.

It's so costly, it's the kind of thing that makes Cubs fans take notice. Visiting Cardinals fans and baseball writers too.

Back in 2020, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts claimed "biblical losses" due to the shortened season.

I get it, baseball took a bath that year. Empty stadiums equal zero revenue. No fans at the game meant nobody staying overnight at their boutique hotel either.

Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
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Now that we here in America have essentially declared the pandemic over (trust me, it's not), it's business as usual, and that includes paying out the nose to stay in a fancy hotel.

Here are a few things, I love the Cubs. What I don't love is a team that puts more into the amenities than the actual product on the field.

I'm not saying we needed to back a Brinks truck up to Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo's pads and pay them whatever they wanted to stay in Chicago. No, not at all.

What I am saying is Ricketts' owned hotels that want to charge an exorbitant price to stay overnight to watch mediocre baseball, without funneling some of that excess dough into improving the on-field product, upsets me and other fans wondering what's most important here, winning a World Series or having a world-class hotel?

Ok sorry, rant over. Not like it matters anyway. I can't watch the Cubs because I don't have one of the two providers Marquee network is on in Illinois but that's a story for another time.

Go Cubs?

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