A large part of the new "normal" is video conferencing.

Whether it be for work, or to just catch up with friends, we've all used the technology in some form or another in the past couple of months.

Many of us, including myself, were brand new to the whole video calls thing.

Sure, if you have an iPhone you've probably FaceTime'd someone, but how often did you really use that feature?

Now, we FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever almost daily in order to stay in touch with co-workers, family, and friends.

Since we've been using these systems for a while now, there's enough data that a study can be taken.

So the booze company, FourLoko decided to survey 2000 people to check on their behavior while in a "Virtual Happy Hour."

You can see the full study HERE, but the thing that really stood out was the amount those surveyed admitting to looking at themselves while in a video call.

An incredible 52% of people surveyed said they look at themselves more on-screen that they'd like.

Eye contact is key during a conversation and when you're checking yourself out during a conversation, whether in person or via video conference there's a very good chance you aren't listening.

Full disclosure, I have caught myself doing that in video conferencing too. I find my hair very distracting right now.

What about you? Do you find yourself checking yourself out during video conferencing? Tell us!

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