Is it real or is it hype? People are said to be "going crazy" for this fried chicken restaurant.

As a teen, I lived in Dixon, Illinois for a short time, and while there, I became very familiar with the Candlelight Inn in Sterling and their famed Chicken George. The love affair has lasted far into adulthood but this isn't about Chicken George.

It's about the other fried chicken. It's the kind of argument residents in these parts go back and forth on, which is better? Candlelight Inn or Rip's Tavern?

I've made the pilgrimage to Rip's and I can see why it's beloved. People travel from all over to the tiny town of Ladd, Illinois just to try the fried chicken.

About an hour and a half from Rockford, Ladd is home to about 1,200 people and tons of visitors simply in town to try the fried chicken.

Only In Your State:

The fresh chicken and hand-cut fries can't be beat. You have the option of dark meat, light meat, or chicken strips - and they're all amazing.

Good thing, too, because Rip's doesn't have much of a menu. You can order fried chicken or fried chicken while at the famed restaurant.

There is one other thing you can get at Rip's though, "The can't-miss combos are the 'crunchies' (free for dine-in orders) and pickles," says Only In Your State.

Have you been to Rip's? Is it really the best fried chicken? Tell us!

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