There is almost no other food that delivers joy like a plate of crispy, golden-brown fried chicken. Discover the best places around Rockford, Illinois to satisfy your comfort food cravings.

What's The Best Fried Chicken You Ever Had?

Just thinking about that question sends my brain into overdrive, reliving the times I've had great fried chicken. For the purposes of this particular chicken chat, it's about the restaurants cooking it, otherwise, this 'best' list would have just 2 entries:

  1. My Grandma Rosa
  2. My Mom

Are you craving the ultimate fried chicken experience yet?

Whether you seek crispy, golden-brown perfection or succulent, tender bites, I've curated a list of the 5 spots that need to be on your list to satisfy your 'greasy-fingered' hunger.

I do have a favorite spot on this list, but they are in no particular order. A couple of these recommendations come from people whose tastebuds seek the same kind of joy I do, and that was helpful, as I now have a couple of places to eat MORE fried chicken.

5 Best Spots in the Rockford Area to Get Fried Chicken

1. Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken

I have not had the pleasure of eating Krispy Krunchy in Loves Park (8080 Forest Hills Rd) yet. I'm told that the crispy cajun coating mixed with how juicy the chicken is will send you straight to Heaven.

2. Gray's IGA

If you're at an event and the luncheon menu says it's the Genuine Broaster Chicken you get at Gray's IGA in Rockford, you better not walk, you should run to get yourself a plate.

If you can't wait to get some, Gray's IGA in Rockford is located at 1630 N. Alpine Rd.

Genuine Broaster Chicken Facebook
Genuine Broaster Chicken Facebook

3. KBQ Korean Barbeque

We all have a place we go to often and we keep telling ourselves that next time we'll try something different and we end up ordering that same menu item we love. KBQ in Loves Park (6332 E. Riverside Blvd) is that place and their fried chicken is that good!

KBQ Loves Park Facebook
KBQ Loves Park Facebook
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4. Mr. C's Family Restaurant

Mr. C's has certainly reached an iconic-like standing in Rockford, especially when it comes to burgers. I asked my Rockford-native wife what comes to mind when I say, "Mr. C's", and she said, "Big ass burgers!"

We know of the legendary burgers but not the fried chicken. Trusted tastebuds say "Don't sleep on Mr. C's fried chicken.

5. Pizza Ranch

You know the saying about how a great meal is made even better by the person you're eating with, it applies to my memories of Pizza Ranch in Roscoe.

My oldest daughter loved eating their pizza and I could not get enough of their fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

Pizza Ranch Facebook
Pizza Ranch Facebook

What's your favorite place for the world's best comfort food?

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