The connection to Rockford with this haunted farm is pretty crazy, but we will get to that in a bit. Welcome to "Willow Creek Farm" in Shannon, Illinois.

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Shannon, Illinois is in Carroll County, about 45 minutes from Rockford. Our story starts way back in 1835 when a couple moved from England to ROCKFORD. In 1838 William Boardman made his way to Shannon, IL and built a log cabin. He then went back to Rockford and grabbed the family to join him.

Kids, marriages, the Boardman family grew and daughter Margaret married Frank Zier who took over the farm. Years later they filed bankruptcy and the haunted land had a bunch of owners until 2006 when it was purchased by Mr. Kelchner who gave it the name "Willow Creek Farm," now the real fun starts...

Mr Kelchner hired several psychics and mediums to look into and figure out the ghosts and hauntings and all the creepy going on at "Willow Creek Farm."

There are three different spirits that appear and haunt the grounds:

  • 1. Sarah - Wearing a blue floral print dress with an apron, she sometimes is seen wearing lady’s black boots that were commonly worn in the 1800's.
  • 2. Joe - An African American man that lives in the basement of the farmhouse, and hides under the stairs.
  • 3. Believed to be a reverend OR a doctor, this guy carries with him bad vibes. He has a room in the farmhouse that he holds other ghosts hostage, including a 10 year old boy that they call Robbie. 

Have you ever been to "Willow Creek Farm" in Shannon? To this day, this is a fully operational farm...apparently the ghosts/spirits do not disrupt the land too much if things are still kickin'.

Willow Creek Farm is located at 25516 Spring Valley Road in Shannon, IL.




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