This would be another "look at this abandoned place" article if it weren't for what happened inside the house. It would be surprising if there were no paranormal activity inside the home considering its history with death. Both interior and exterior photos of this abandoned property are creeping and cringy.

LOCATION: Streator, Illinois

The residence dates back to the 1800s but the exact date is unclear, based on information provided through Zillow.

Remax via Zillow
Remax via Zillow

One of the first families to live in this home was the Oliver family (Hosea and his wife), back in the early-1900s. A report in the local newspaper described Mrs. Oliver as a generally healthy woman but added a little bit of a bizarre description of her.

She was a very large, fleshy woman, and apparently in good health.

(Can you imagine the response that would receive if it were published today?)

The article mentions she was riding bikes with a friend and mysteriously died the next night inside her home. Her death was described as, "in an instant she had passed to the other shore."

Another Death Inside The Home

In 1976, 74 years after Mrs. Oliver's untimely death, the home was rented to two brothers described as "hooligan sons." Based on information in an article by The Abandoned Places, the brothers were a problematic, troublesome duo. One of the brothers, Dale, was found dead in his bed. Though his death was listed as "due to natural causes" he died as a result of alcohol abuse.

Here is a photo tour of the property.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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