Do you feel like you're sneezing up a storm? You're not alone. Here's why you might be extra-sneezy this spring. 

All winter long we wish for warmer weather and when it's here... we wish we could stop sneezing.

Don't get me wrong. I'd rather be warm with a pocket full of tissues than freezing cold, but it's still definitely a big bummer when allergy season hits.

So far it doesn't seem like we're getting a light allergy spring. Nope. It's high time for sneezing across the midwest including right here in Rockford, Illinois.

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If your sneezes have you stressed out, you might want to know WHY you're sneezing.

For the curious sneezers, we have a website for that, appropriately called ''

The site lists the allergy report for yesterday, tomorrow and the next five days and today is looking rough.

We're at an 11.3 on a scale of 12 for pollen rates!

Yesterday wasn't much better, a 10.5 and tomorrow is going to be even worse... an 11.7!

Top Three Allergens in Rockford

When it comes to the allergens that are making us sneeze, the top three are Maple, Elm and Poplar, a tree three-peat.

Lucky me, I think I'm allergic to all three of those trees.

But honestly, I'm allergic to pretty much everything, so allergy medicine is part of my morning routine and I don't feel much different day to day regardless of the pollen count.

What about you? How are you feeling this week?

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