Adele's upcoming tour begins on February 29 in Belfast, United Kingdom and arrives in the States in July, 2016. Here's the full list of her backstage requirements.

Sascha Steinbach, Thinkstock

Many things have changed in Adele's life since she played around the world in 2011, she has a steady and a son now. This list will likely have some changes when she hits the road in 2016.

After just scanning this rider for a few minutes, I can tell you Adele...

  • Hates North American beer.
  • Loves to smoke Marlboro Lights and then chew gum right after.
  • Hates citrus fruits.
  • Wants her tour bus stocked with 'bite size' candy bars.

The coolest thing I saw is what she requires of anyone given free tickets to the concert. In 2011, if you were given a tickets by Adele herself, the concert promotor or venue staff, you had to make a contribution to a charity... no exceptions. A minimum $20 donation for Sands, a UK-based charity dedicated to “supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.”

Buzzfeed published the entire tour rider and it's a good read. Oh to be that fabulous to make such requests. This time around it will be interesting to see how her requests have changed.