I will be the first to say I don't understand much about the Rockford housing market even though I am up to my ears in the logistics of selling and buying a home right now.

One thing I can do is recognize a positive sign that things are looking up in Rockford when I see it. Let's just get to the good news first; after being absent for 10 years, the Parade of Homes is returning to Rockford this Spring!

Why Is the Return of the Parade of Homes a Good Sign for Rockford?

As a kid, I remember my mom always dragging me along to the Parade of Homes each year. I may have been too young to appreciate what I was touring, but I do remember thinking the homes were gorgeous and I used to daydream about living in them. As an adult, I now know that getting to tour newly constructed homes is good because it means new home construction is actually happening again in Rockford, and I think that alone deserves a round of applause!

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Toni VanderHeyden of Keller Williams Realty Signature in Rockford recently sent out an email that said;

The Parade of Homes beginning again is a great sign for the housing market overall. Local inventory has suffered dramatically in the last several years due to a number of factors such as residents choosing to stay in their homes for longer, a rise in home ownership in general, and a decrease in new home builds.

An influx of new homes being built will, in the long run, provide us with an increase in inventory and a market that more evenly benefits both buyers and sellers.

For many years Rockford's Parade of Homes allowed local home builders to show off their work, and it gave the community a chance to gain ideas for their next dream home or updates to their current homes. I, for one, am pretty stoked to check out the Parade of Homes when it makes its comeback in Rockford this Spring!

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