• Monday night’s severe weather has left hundreds of Stateliners without power. According to ComEd, the storm knocked out the power for almost 400 residents. Nearly 200 of them remain without power. A major chunk of the outages are in the Rockford area. Other reported outages are in Roscoe and Byron. ComEd is hoping to have all power restored soon.
  • A key witness in the Clayton Courtney murder case has changed his statement. The witness now states that Courtney told them “I have killed three people.” Originally, the witness claimed Courtney said “I have killed three people tonight.” Police are now looking to the public to help answer for his whereabouts on May 2 from 8pm-7am and May 4 from 5pm-10pm.
  • Janesville police say they can’t confirm whether or not Clayton Courtney is connected to the death of Mary Coulthard. The 75-year-old woman’s body was pulled from the Rock River on Friday in Janesville. Officials say Coulthard sustained an injury prior to being found in the river. They haven’t released any information on how or where the injury happened.
  • Smoke in a regional radar facility temporarily forced a halt to all incoming and outgoing flights at both of Chicago's airports. It was due to a faulty air conditioning unit. The FAA says no one was injured in this morning’s incident at the Chicago Terminal Radar Approach Control facility in Suburban Elgin. A ground stop has now been lifted, but activity at both O’Hare International and Midway Airports are expected to be disrupted for some time.
  • Community health centers throughout Illinois are about to receive a big boost. Governor Pat Quinn announced that $14.5 million will go towards the building and renovating of them. Officials believe the funds will allow the state to reduce healthcare spending and save taxpayers money. The project is part of Governors Quinn’s Illinois Jobs Now! construction program.
  • Janesville police are trying to determine who shot a calf, took the meat and left the carcass behind. Officials say the calf was shot and slaughtered between noon Saturday and when it was found on Sunday evening. Ochs Cattle owns the cow and rents the grazing land on which it was found. The company says it’s on high alert and that they will increase patrols.
  • An Illinois Senate committee has advanced a plan to explore whether the state could offer need-based, interest-free college loans. This would allow students to pay back their loans based on their incomes after graduation. The plan would also focus on giving loans to those in need.

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