The biggest movie of the year officially hit theaters last weekend and one of the stars, Gabrielle Bourne is ready to spill behind the scenes secrets.

As I'm telling you this story, I just realized something... the movie that's all about how Michael Jordan became the king of Nike was released in the year 2023. You know everyone's been calling this the 'Jordan' year since January 1, do you think Ben Affleck and Matt Damon did that on purpose?

I want to say yes, but also you never know, it could just be a coincidence!

I'm going to go with, yes, it was totally on purpose. And it's amazing.

The movie just hit theaters, it's called 'AIR,' if you haven't heard, and while it's technically a Michael Jordan movie, I don't think there's much MJ in the film.

It's more about the team at Nike and how they managed to create the biggest deal in sports marketing in history.

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Last night on Good Day Stateline (5:30 and 11pm on FOX39 here in the Rockford area), I got the chance to talk with one of the actors in the movie, Gabrielle Bourne.

Gabrielle plays Tiffany, Sonny Vaccaro's secretary. Sonny is the main guy in this flick, played by Matt Damon.

Tiffany told me what it was like filming a movie with huge stars like Ben and Matt... and what it was like with J.Lo came to set!

Plus, get this, in her free time, she flips houses, redecorates anything she can get her hands on, and she dyed her outfit in her own sink for the AIR premiere.

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I'm going to see the movie Friday night! Have you seen it yet?

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