In Chicago, Illinois, a vehicle fell into a massive sinkhole on the city's North side while the driver was trapped inside the car.

My biggest fear was already sinkholes, but being in your car while it gets sucked into a sinkhole is even more terrifying to think about.

In the 1300 block of West Winnemac Avenue in Chicago, the driver, Beth Sosler, said she was pulling out of a parking garage when something went wrong.

"I had no idea what happened," Sosler said. "I thought, 'there was nothing there, what did I do?' And then I went to open my door and saw that I was... tilted and feet off the ground." [abc7chicago]


abc 7 chicago - youtube
abc 7 chicago - youtube

Neighbors in the area helped Sosler get out of her vehicle safely and away from the sinkhole as quickly as possible.

A witness took photos of the SUV partially inside the sinkhole and the back was lifted completely off the ground.  Right in the middle of the street, too!

abc 7 chicago - youtube
abc 7 chicago - youtube

When you only thought this sort of thing happened in Florida, think again.

Just a few weeks ago, there was an enormous sinkhole in Illinois that caused indefinite road closures because it was growing very rapidly.  That sinkhole opened up on Illinois 185, between Hillsboro and Coffeen.

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Edit Illinois Department of Transportation

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Fortunately, nobody was injured and there were no fatalities between these two events.   As Chicago moves forward, we can only hope that measures will be taken to prevent such occurrences in the future, ensuring the safety of all residents.

Until then, we might need to pay a little more attention to the ground we take for granted that's right under our feet.

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