I don't mean to sound like Christina Applegate explaining the latest fashion trends during her runway show in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, but times, they are a changin', especially when it comes to women's roles and rights in the workplace.

With their #MeToo movement, the women of Hollywood have really paved the way for women everywhere in every industry, resulting in empowering moments like this one- a woman taking the lead role at Medieval Times in Schaumburg.

According to the Chicago Tribune, it's the first time a queen has ruled the castle in more than three decades.

To make it happen, the show's director, Leigh Cordner, spent 18 months re-writing the script for the entire show, putting the queen, actress Allyssa O'Donnell, in the lead.

As queen, Cordner says she demands to be treated in the same manner as her father, the late king, she exerts her authority when necessary and requires her court act honorably.

Allyssa says, "It’s always important to give little girls a positive role model; it is so important to give them a strong woman to look up to.”

If you agree, then it's time to plan a trip with the family to Medieval Times.

See photos and videos of your Highness here.

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