Sound the alarms... after years of being vacant, the most beautiful public rooftop in Rockford looks to be open again!

It's been almost exactly two years since 212 Grindhouse closed up shop at 212 E. State Street and for the last 730ish days those of us who frequent downtown Rockford have been pretty bummed out.

What was the cutest, coolest, and most convenient public Rockford rooftop sat empty for the summer of 2022 and 2023, and it seemed like we would never been invited up the stairs again in that building to grab a margarita on the roof.

Yes, most of our memories included margaritas, because the first restaurant to open there was Taco Betty's.

If you can even believe it, Taco Betty's opened in 2017 in downtown Rockford, and I for one was a big fan of the margs and the taquitos.

I served drinks there one night, Sweet Lenny and I did an Ate One Five episode there and I spent a handful of other nights checking out the views from the roof.

In the fall of 2021, Betty's mysteriously flipped to 212 Grindhouse and not even a year later in late April 2022 they closed for good.

We heard the exciting news that Disco Chicken was taking over but we never knew when...

... until this morning with Disco Chicken Owner Paul Sletten posted on Facebook that he was looking for employees to work today and tomorrow!


I can't find any other info on when the official grand opening is or what the hours will be, but you better believe I'm ordering a drink and staring at the people walking by like I used to do in 2021.


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