The popular new mobile game Brawl Stars has some Rockford area residents on edge after alleged scam emails started flooding their inbox.

Newest Email Scam? No one in my house ordered this and I received no email confirmation from Apple like I do with any other iTunes purchase. Also we have no CC attached to our iTunes account. Beware!

Dear Customer,

We accepted your item "Brawl Stars: Heroes Legends" successfully.

Details on date Monday, May 13, 2019.

For more information, we send attachment on this email.

Thank you for always trusting us.

Many of the sentences don't end with proper punctuation and strange capitalization of some words stand out as red flag, but if you casually read the email and click on the attachment like the email asks you could be in for a world of trouble.

To avoid these phishing scams, WHNT News 19 says:

Don’t click on links in an unexpected email.

Don’t download or open attachments from an anonymous sender.

Be cautious of generic emails with little or no specific details of your account.

Call Apple Support if you believe you’ve received a phishing email to check the legitimacy.

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