Trick-or-treating this year is going to look very different. Due to COVID-19, cities have their own rules on whether or not trick-or-treating is even allowed. But even if it is allowed where you live, are you going to hand out Halloween candy?

According to a new survey, 46% of people won’t be handing out candy this Halloween. But that doesn't mean if you do decide to take your family trick-or-treating, that options will be far and few. Taste of Home details -

Almost a quarter of those surveyed reported they’ll be leaving a candy bowl outside for trick-or-treaters. Another 30% reported they’d be celebrating Halloween as usual. Fright fans between the ages of 55 and 64 are most likely the hand out candy this year.

Like I mentioned earlier, there's plenty of socially distanced ideas for handing out candy this Halloween. For example, families are getting creative and making their own "trick-or-treat slide" and it's a super creative idea to hand out candy social distance style.

You can learn how to make your own here. 

But this survey got me wondering, are you going to be handing out candy this Halloween?

Personally, I'll on the couch in a onesie with a bucket of candy for myself.

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