Halloween 2020 is going to be weird, if it even happens. But, if we are allowed to safely celebrate Halloween in the Stateline, I found a genius idea for trick-or-treating.

It's unlike any set up I've ever seen, and it's totally socially distant! It's a trick-or-treat slide. Amazing right? Check out how fun it looks to make and use -

So the video was posted to the YouTube Channel "Wicked Makers" who have A TON of awesome Halloween and spooky ideas/DIY's. DELISH details -

The slide is meant to look like one skeleton is sending candy through another skeletons mouth but really you can use it to stand in your yard and safely send down some candy to all the little ghouls and goblins who come to your home.

Like I said before, this is all if we are allowed to trick-or-treat, but still, it's such a creative idea. And when I was scrolling Facebook I even saw another version of the same concept -

I mean, going with the flow is the name of the game in 2020 and I feel like a trick-or-treat slide is a perfect example of how we've adapted our lives to try to seem slightly more normal during the pandemic.

And trust me, I know for some parents, this slide seems like more of a head ache than an arts and craft project. But that's okay! There's plenty of other ways to trick-or-treat in socially distanced style.

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