One of your favorite Freeport restaurants had a busy week prepping to be featured on America's Best Restaurants!

When you open a restaurant, you want the food to be great. You want your customers to be happy and come back and tell a friend, and it would probably be pretty awesome to be named one of America's Best Restaurants, too.

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America's Best Restaurants travels all over the country to... you guessed it... find the best restaurants in America.

This week, they made a stop in Freeport, Illinois at 'This Is It Eatery.'

The team at 'This Is It Eatery,' found out in early November that they would be featured as one of the best restaurants and yesterday was the big filming day!

While they were waiting for the crew to arrive, they asked their Facebook fans which dishes they should feature in the segment.

So many fans weighed in, nominating the hot beef plate, the salmon tacos, Western BBQ burger, bourbon chicken sandwich, their ribeye  and their deep fried Oreos.

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DEEP FRIED OREOS?! Why haven't I tried those yet?

While we know that the team from America's Best Restaurants was in Freeport yesterday, we don't know which dishes they decided to show off. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

You can get a little teaser on America's Best Restaurant's Facebook page. 

Have you been to 'This Is It Eatery?' Have you tried the deep fried Oreos? Let us know in the app chat!

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