It's weird to have the virus that's taking over the entire world, it's also weird to write about it but, I want to share it with you, so I'm writing you a letter.

Dear all of you reading this,

Hey, how's it going! I hope you're not too stressed out being quarantined. Thanks for clicking on this story! So I should probably get to the point... I tested positive for Coronavirus, yep, the real thing. And it's been weird.

First thank you for your concern, but I'm fine! I really am, someone please tell my grandma because she consistently asks if I'm fine but for real, I'm doing so good. I'm 99.9% better and the only thing wrong is this teeny tiny little cough but it's so close to going away I almost forget it's there.

Let me also start by saying please send me questions, I know I tell stories in a messy fashion sometimes, and I might miss something important so if I do, ask me anything!

This all started when I felt weird, like I was allergic to a cat but there was no cat. For days I couldn't explain it, I just felt weird.

I don't know how to describe it other than that, of course all of the virus details were just coming out in the middle days of March so I wasn't sure if I was having real symptoms or pretend ones but I felt strange and I was tired.

Then on Monday, March 23rd I took a nap after I Skyped in to Eyewitness News and woke up with the WORST headache I've ever had in my entire life. Like, WHOA. It was awful.

That's why I wasn't on the air on 97ZOK for a week because I told Lenny and he was like, Midday, stay home. So I did.

The next day I woke up soaked in sweat and had chills and it was more sweat than I've ever woke up with before and the next day I was exhausted and my hips hurt and my back hurt.

I had a virtual therapist appointment that Wednesday and my wonderful therapist told me to call the doctor after we got off the phone. The doc said call back if it got worse.

Then it did, I got a cough and was so tired and when I called back on Friday they had me come in for a test.

I also lost my sense of smell... I COULDN'T SMELL WINE! Or garlic or essential oils.

So Friday I called the doctor again and they sent me to get tested. 9 days later I got the call from my doctor that the test was positive.

Thankfully I'm doing MUCH better, if you'd like to hear me talk about it, please watch the video below. I am open to any and all questions, please stay home and stay healthy!



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