You want to decorate cupcakes but you don't feel like actually baking them... we feel you. So does Halo Cupcake.

Liz from Halo Cupcake must have realized that a lot of people are bored at home during quarantine.

Of course they want to support local businesses and enjoy delicious bakery made cupcakes, but let's face it, they want an activity too. Enter DIY Cupcake kits!

Halo Cupcake is now selling these cute kits Thursday through Saturday via curbside pickup and the fact that the frosting is already in the bag is amazing.

Getting frosting in that bag is one of the toughest thing I've done in my baking life. It is a MESSY process.

This way, you get to have fun but you still don't have to bake the cakes or wait for them to cool, either!

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