This year's back to school season is missing one important thing, Kudos bars.

Back to school means back to moms and dads making lunches for their kids.

Sandwiches, chips, an apple maybe and a Kudos bar. That's the perfect back to school lunch, but kids these days can't have that! Because there are no more Kudos bars!

Dear Mars Incorporated,

Please oh please start making Kudos bars again. The perfect combo of granola bar, rice krispie treat and candy bar that we children of the 90s were blessed with. They were light, sweet and crunchy and I honestly crave one at lease once a week. I honestly don't care if you never make the Snickers ones again because I don't eat peanuts... but the m&m Kudos were THE BEST THING EVER.

I mean, if Chance the Rapper can bring back spicy chicken nuggets, 97ZOK can bring back Kudos bars right?

Or at least...can I get an explanation on why they don't exist anymore? I can't imagine no one was buying them. THEY ARE SO GOOD.

The saddest thing is finding Kudos bars on Amazon and seeing this:


C'mon Mars. You can do it. I believe in you. Please bring back Kudos.


Midday Michelle

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