Whatever you do, don't sit inside this weekend, the sun wants to see you!

There's something extra special about the first summer weekend in Rockford, like the first SUMMMMMMMMER weekend. You know what I mean, the sun is going to be shining the entire weekend, we're getting a massive heat wave and you need to enjoy it.

There are thankfully so many things you can choose to do to enjoy the summer vibes this weekend, including making a stop at the Anderson Japanese Gardens.

This Sunday, they are hosting an outdoor Mat Pilates class at 9 a.m.

My favorite part about this is that at 9 a.m., it's not going to be 90 degrees, it'll probably be closer to 72 and that is Pilates temperature perfection.

You might think, but wait who's teaching the class? The answer to that question is Samantha from Club Pilates.

The class will be an hour long, and will focus on toning, flexibility and coordination. You can register ahead of time and bring $20 in cash the morning of to take part.

Also you'll need to bring your own mat.

If you love outdoor workouts, we also just discovered the June schedule for Alt Yoga with Marissa. She's popping up all over the Stateline this month and you can check her schedule here.

Speaking of outdoor fun, Producer MJ is going to be out with you at City Market tomorrow night from 5-7 p.m. with Rock Valley College and she'll be introducing Moana at the first Friday Night Flix of the season!

I told you think was going to be a fun weekend, share your plans with us anytime on the 97ZOK app.

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