Another day, another super sweet reason to love Anthony Rizzo.

Anthony Rizzo may be a certified baseball superstar, but he still makes it a point to reach out to the community.

Before becoming a World Series Champion, Anthony Rizzo was a cancer patient. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma when he was a teenager and is always using his fame and money to reach out to others who are dealing with the disease.

Most recently, he donated $2,500 to a girl named Emily from Arlington Heights.

Emily is 26 and was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2013. Shortly after her diagnosis, she met Anthony Rizzo's mom, Laurie, at one of the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation events.

Emily thought her battle with cancer was over, but last year she was told it had returned. At this point, Emily was in the nursing program at Harper College and is now engaged to be married.

She reached out to Laurie, just to give her an update, and months later was surprised with a huge donation from Anthony Rizzo.

Emily set up a GoFundMe account since her cancer came back, so that she can freeze her eggs and start a family in the future. She wants to get her eggs removed as soon as possible, because she has no idea what the future holds or what affect her cancer or her chemotherapy might have on her fertility.

The $2,500 from Anthony came as a huge, but welcome surprise to Emily who is now almost halfway to her goal of $20,000 in just 25 days.

I don't know if it's all the leftover emotions I have from last night's episode of, 'This is Us,' or what but I really wanted to cry writing this story.

You can donate too, just visit Emily's page here.


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