Anthony Rizzo turns 27 today, and in addition to being one of our favorite baseball players in Cubs history, he also happens to be amazing off the field.

We knew we were in for something special as Cubs fans last year when we made the playoffs, but this team has proven to be even more amazing as they've taken the field already this season.

But, there's more to this team than just baseball. They are ridiculously fun. Who's the most fun? Absolutely, Anthony Rizzo.

As we celebrate Rizzo's 27th birthday today, let's take a look at the many reasons we love him off the field.

1. He does fun things with his friends while he wears fake glasses.

2. He has his own cereal.

3. He's a dorky tourist.

4. He supports other Chicago sports teams.

5. He steps up to look the weirdest in a group selfie.

6. He loves emojis, even the poop emoji.

7. He eats with intensity.

8. He knows how to make fun of himself.

9. He loves all kinds of Cubs.

10. He looks awkward on a camel.

11. He gives back to the community with his charity foundation for kids with cancer.

12. He loves his mommy.

13. He knows when to take the backseat to Kris Bryant's dreamy blue eyes.

14. And he misses his grandparents.

Happy Birthday, Rizzo! Have fun celebrating on your day off... but not too much fun, we need you back on the field tomorrow night.

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