Sky is the limit when it comes to fall-inspired drinks.  One Illinois Lounge took their menu to new heights with delicious apple cider flights.

Sure, apple cider donuts are in high demand in fall since all our favorite apple orchards are open for the season.

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What about all the refreshing apple cider drinks you can get your hands on, though?!

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Luckily, Bago Lounge has covered all the bases and released an Edwards Apple Orchard West Cider Flight!

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Who knew we needed cider donut, caramel apple, apple butter, and brown sugar cinnamon ciders all in one sitting?!  Topped with apple slices, too... YUM!

Not sure which cider I would start with, but I know it'll all be in my belly by the end of it.

Get your Cider Flight at Bago Lounge - Wine, Spirits, & Slots before they're gone.  They're located at 817 N Elida Street, Winnebago.

If you're into cider, they're also selling an Apple Cider Chai Latte that's also made with cider from Edwards Apple Orchard West.  Orchards are crushin' the game this year!

Bago Lounge - FB
Bago Lounge - FB

Maybe you're more of a Bloody Mary type of drinker.  We have options for you, too!

Whiskey's Roadhouse in Rockford has a Bloody Mary bar with endless choices!  It's always a good time making your own drinks.

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Via Midday Michelle
Via Midday Michelle

Happy fall, y'all.  From the looks of it, it's going to be a very fun season with all the fall festivities, seasonal food/drink options, and orchards popping up so close to home.

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