On Thursday (3/29), Apple released it's latest mobile operating system update with a feature to fix what Apple did to slow down older iPhones.

I'm not the one who runs to the nearest Apple store to buy the latest iPhone, so part of this latest update makes me happy. First, for those that have the lasted iPhones, you'll like the new animojis. Available in the Messages app, the bear, dragon, skull and sullen lion characters mimic your face movements and record your voice.

There are some new privacy features that couldn't have come at a better time. You can really all about how Apple has stepped it up in this area, by clicking here.

Here's the new iOS 11.3 feature that I most appreciate as an iPhone 7 owner. Apple has finally addressed the scandal that was their slowing down of older iPhones' batteries. The purpose was to prevent the phones from shutting down unexpectedly. With the new iOS update you can now turn off the battery-slowing feature.

The new Battery Health options are located in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health (Beta).

You'll see info on your battery's health, capacity, capability and whether or not it needs to be replaced. Turning this feature off will make your phone faster but, according to Apple, your phone could turn off unexpectedly.

For the laundry list of features in the iOS 11.3, wgntv.com has you covered.

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