This was conversation that had tremendous results. When it comes to indulging on a night out for dinner, fried foods are our favorites. Are these the 5 best?

When I asked on Facebook what your favorite fried foods were, I was surprised at the number of comments. There was another blessing delivered via all of your comments, all the fried foods I need to go eat around the Rockford area.

I won't dispute that there might be better fried foods in our tasty little area of the world, but I have to be honest, this Best Rockford Area Fried Foods list is comprised of only the foods I've had myself.

Roscoe's Pizza Ranch - Fried Chicken

I call this place Chicken Ranch because their fried chicken is so much better than their pizza.

Rockford's Prairie Street Brewhouse - Poutine Fries

Sometimes what makes food taste so wonderful, is the friend you eat it with. These fries were amazing.

Rockford's Uncle Nick's - Pizza Puff

Like their gyro, I've never had one of these during the daytime. In fact, I've never eaten anything from Uncle Nick's outside of the hour after the bars close.


Roscoe's Louie's Tap House - Tater Totchos

These wer so good I couldn't stop eating until my stomach hurt from being so full. Aged cheddar, chorizo, picked onion and jalapeños.


Time to hit the streets and eat more fried foods. To be continued.