A group of baby ducks that were trapped in a storm drain are now enjoying life back out in the wild thanks to the help of a local fire department.

How The Baby Ducks Were Discovered

The ducklings had already fallen into the drain when a panicked mama duck started calling for help.

Abbie Irwin shared on Facebook that she was out delivering a Doordash order in Champaign when she heard mother duck's cries.

"I was out DoorDashing for some extra cash and noticed a distressed momma duck circling the storm drain in the area I was in, and sure enough, her babies were in there," Irwin wrote on social media.

She quickly called the Champaign Fire Department who swooped in to retrieve the ducks from the drain.

The rescue wasn't easy either. One of the videos Irwin shared on social media shows the ducklings struggling to stay afloat while they are in a deep and narrow pipe.

After removing the grating over the drain, firefighters discovered a total of nine ducks that needed to be rescued.

Where Are The Ducks Now?

Each of the nine ducks was carefully removed from the drain and placed unharmed into a plastic tub.

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WCIA reports firefighters took the tub of ducks to an area away from the drain where they were allowed to exit on their own. They were later seen reunited with their mother.

The story of the rescued ducks has won over the hearts of commenters on social media.

"What a happy ending to this story," Tina Schoolman wrote.

Others felt for the frantic mama who was surely relieved to have all of her babies back and safe from the storm drain.

"I'm not crying," Taylor Enghausen commented.

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