Today I learned what those big balls are attached to power lines around Illinois.  Did you know what they were?

Just the other day, I found out those solar-powered cameras popping up around Illinois are license plate readers to attempt to capture data off vehicles used to commit crimes.

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Then, I was driving near the O'Hare International Airport and saw a bunch of red balls hanging on power lines and wondered what they actually did.

Originally, I thought they were to keep power lines in place so they don't sway back and forth from really windy days.  Well, that's definitely not the case haha.


The Meaning Behind Balls That Hang on Power Lines In Illinois

Go figure, they're VISIBILITY MARKERS!  Makes a lot more sense.

"They weigh about 17 pounds each, and you will often find them near mountain passes, in deep valley areas, near major freeway crossings and around airports. Visibility markers are placed on power lines to make the conductor crossings visible to aircraft pilots." [energized.edison]

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I feel like we should've learned that in Driver's Ed or something... there's a lot I think we should've been taught way back when haha.

So next time you're with someone and they question what those orange, yellow, or white balls are chillin' on power lines, you can be the "expert" and show 'em up!

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