When you take a look out your windows, what do you see?

Pesky streaks and water stains? Finger prints and dust?

How about a cute guy cleaning them? Meet Austin from Drummond Window Cleaning.

Drummond Window Cleaning Rockford

I ran into Austin while he was cleaning a store front on East State Street; and according to the girls I was visiting inside, he's not the only attractive guy on Drummond's staff. One girl said, "it must be their thing to hire hot guys."

I'm not really sure, but after sharing his photo on Snapchat, my inbox blew up with "how do I get that guy to come and clean my windows?"

Just call and ask, I guess? (815) 654-7661.

This wasn't the first time in window cleaning history that a washer had women swooning over their squeegees; remember these guys?


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