The Bears defensive coordinator has taken the head coaching position with the Denver Broncos. 

The deal is reportedly for four years with a team option for a fifth.

I'm honestly pretty surprised by the move. From everyone I talked to Fangio didn't seem to have aspirations to be a head coach, he seemed to be pretty happy running (the league-best) defense. We don't know how much the contract was for but that most likely played a role in his decision.

Who will step in for Fangio? Todd Bowles, former Jets head coach, was being floated around as a replacement until Bruce Arians took the Tampa Bay job. Bowles and Arians are good friends and it was thought that Bowles to Tampa for the DC job was a foregone conclusion. Then we got this tweet from Adam Schefter.

You would think that the Bears would have their pick of defensive coordinators since they have such a great defense that IS LOCKED IN UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS, but we will have to wait and see.

Good luck to Fangio, one of the good guys in the Chicago sports scene. The Bears play the Broncos next season, I'm sure a couple of the players will have that one circled.

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