This is way better than ordering pizza with an emoji.

Lolo is having an awful week. Maybe it's finals... maybe it's roomie trouble... maybe it's a bad case of the winter blahs. Whatever the problem is, Lolo went to Twitter, asking for the only cure, cheese fries and a chocolate shake from Beef-A-Roo.

Sure, the tweet didn't go viral, but it did go to the right person.

Shortly followed by this.

Lolo's awful week has got to come to an end once she's holding on to that delicious cheese fries duo!

While I can't devour a chocolate shake again until after Easter... Lolo and Beef-A-Roo have me craving cheese fries like I've never craved before.

If you feel the same and must make a Beef-A-Roo stop on your way home from work today, make sure to wish them a huge happy birthday!

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