Because... why do they even make yellow Starbursts?

Oh, Starbursts, you are such a strange candy. You smell like plastic, you kind of look like plastic too, but there's something magical about biting into a fresh Starburst.

Not a stale one... I lost a tooth that way... but a fresh one. The flavor actually pops and fills you with happiness. If, of course, that Starburst is pink.

If instead, it is yellow, red or orange, forget it. It's just a filler until you get to a pink one.

Sure, you'll find people out there who swear they love the other colors, but pink reigns supreme and finally, your pink Starburst prayers have been answered.

For the month of April only, 'All Pink' Starburst bags will be available in Rockford. (Other places too, but hey we're in Rockford so...).

According to Cosmo, they will be available at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and on Amazon. I have a feeling a lot of people will be celebrating Easter this year with a giant bag of pink Starbursts.


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