After a vandal damaged employee vehicles at a popular fast food restaurant this past Friday night, the owners are stepping up to help pay for repairs.

In case you missed it after a man broke windows at Beef-A-Roo at 2538 Auburn Street with a baseball bat, he turned his attention to the vehicles in the parking lot.

He proceeded to bash in windows of three different cars belonging to Beef-A-Roo employees.

While the damage to the restaurant is covered by Beef-A-Roo's insurance, the damage to the employee vehicles is not.

When the owners of Beef-A-Roo heard about this, they decided to help pay for the damage done to the vehicles.

A statement made by a Beef-A-Roo owner and shared by WIFR, said "Our employees mean the world to us. We didn't give it two seconds of thought. We knew what we had to do."

There are plenty of business owners who say they care about their employees but when Beef-A-Roo says it, they mean it.

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