You might want to re-think your usual Beef-a-roo order for the next few weeks, one important item will be missing.

The first time I went to Beefaroo I was pleasantly surprised with their expansive menu.

Prior to moving to Rockford, I'd never heard of the restaurant, but the moment I stepped foot in the Forest City it was Beefaroo this and Beefaroo that!

Of course I had to try it, and the cheddar fries were my first choice.

Then the burger and the summer berry salad, the rainbow cake and the ice cream sundae special dessert last summer.

My nephew Anderson visited me last year and said, 'Auntie Chelle, this is ten seconds better than McDonald's!'

A menu item I haven't tried yet is the 'rings,' and well, this isn't going to be the week to try them.

The team recently posted this message on Facebook letting us all know that for the next two weeks the rings will be MIA.

Thank goodness the menu is filled with other side dish options. I might need some cheddar fries this week!

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