These ladies are cranking out pastries and trying to win over some Sharks this summer in Rockford.

Polly and Lorie are two pretty awesome women.

I met them last February when I was searching for a bakery who was willing to teach me how to make paczki.

One trip into Bella Luna Bakery and you'll be back over and over again just like I have been.

While you should definitely watch my latest 'Please Teach Me' video so that you can learn how to make the most perfect lemon bars ever, you should also watch it to hear Polly and Lorie talk about their experience auditioning for Shark Tank.

The Bella Luna ladies spent fifteen minutes with the casting crew, despite being told they would only get three minutes, and are currently waiting by the phone... and the computer to find out if they've made it to the next round of the Shark Tank casting.

Between hoping to expand their shop in downtown Rockford and revamp their former S.W.A.T team delivery van, it would be pretty amazing if Polly and Lorie made it on the show and partnered with one of the Sharks.

Good luck ladies!

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