Please excuse me for a sec while I attempt to calm myself down after seeing this Facebook post from the Journal Star a moment ago...

Illinois' Love Affair With Bergner's

Now, I'm not going to lie, when the announcement was made that Bergner's was closing permanently back in 2018, my heart broke more than a little and I know I'm not the only one that felt that way.  I used to score some MAJOR deals on clothes for my kids at Bergner's back in the day, and their wardrobe truly hasn't been the same since.

Bergner's lovers all across Illinois have probably been wishing their favorite store would come back for over 4 years now, and now it looks like that day might actually be coming sooner rather than later!

Google Street View
Google Street View

Is Bergner's Coming Back to Illinois?

According to a bizwomen article I just found, a New York-based company named BrandX just bought all of Bon-Ton's namesake properties, and it has big plans for most of them.

The Bon-Ton properties that are a part of this sale include; Carson’s, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s, Younkers, Gordmans, and a few more, but let's just get to the best part of the bizwomen article that says;

BrandX plans to launch an online site under the Bon-Ton name this summer and open a Carson’s brick-and-mortar store next year in Joliet, Illinois, followed by a Younkers in an undisclosed location.

His plan is to eventually reintroduce all of the stores.

Ok, I know Bergner's isn't included on that list of stores being reintroduced next year, but Carson's coming back to Illinois is about as close as we can get...for now, and I'll totally take it!

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