After ordering this new menu item from a local Rockford restaurant, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

Since the last time I was at Sister's Thai Cafe in downtown Rockford, they've added some new dishes to their menu and one really caught my eye.

I love when all my food is separated on a plate so I can pick and choose what I want to eat together.  If you have to put in work or there's "some assembly required" to eat anything, you know it's gonna be delicious!

That's why I have to talk about these Asian Roll Wraps from Sister's - it's right up my alley and exactly the fix I've been needing lately.

This Rockford Restaurant Dish So Delicious You'll Clear The Plate

Simple, but sooo good: Veggies, lettuce, noodles, crispy rolls and peanut sauce.

attachment-asian roll wraps

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I always take home leftovers, but I didn't have to this time around because these Asian Roll Wraps were so good I had to clear the plate.

To top off my dinner, I also got shrimp rolls.  The best appetizer, hands down!  If you're wondering, I do eat the tail.  It's crispy like the rest of the appetizer, so why not?!

attachment-shrimp rolls

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Whenever someone asks what my favorite type of food is, I always say Asian food.

Now I'm thinking of all my favorite Asian restaurants in the area - Rock Pho'd, Hai QuynhMarc's Fusion CafePho 27... the list goes on.

Just writing about Asian food makes me hungry.  I guess I'll be making a stop downtown later today to get my fix.  Yum!

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