Bacon is always a good idea, but you don't want to waste your time with mediocre strips, when you can have the best bacon ever.

I always tell people I don't really need real food, that if I could survive on salad and cookies, I would, but then I remember bacon.

Honestly bacon is also why I would never be a vegetarian. It's just too good for me to give up, but it doesn't always taste as good as you want it to.

Sometimes bacon is too greasy, too stringy or full of fat. So when you come across the best bacon on earth, you have to share it with the world.

So here I am, sharing it with the world.

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Yesterday I went to brunch with my friend Sierra at Fresco at the Gardens (at Anderon Japanese Gardens) and ordered a pretty basic (but delicious) plate, the Fresco Breakfast, with eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast.

The menu item actually included bacon and sausage but I asked them to skip the sausage and didn't even ask for extra bacon. But my goodness, I was happy they served me four pieces instead of two!


THAT BACON WAS INCREDIBLE. I'm talking perfection. From the flavor to the grease level to the fact that you could legit break off a piece and share with your friend.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think this is the best bacon I've ever had.

What do you think? What's the best bacon you've ever had? I would love to try it and see how it compares to my Fresco fave.

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