It's all fun and games until you get locked out of your Twitter.

A new prank is going around the internet that could lead you to that fate. The prank is trying to get Twitter users to change their Twitter birthday to the year 2007. Why would anyone do that? Apparently, people are saying that if you change your Twitter birthday to 2007 you'll unlock a new color scheme.

DON'T TRY IT! It won't unlock a new color scheme.

Twitter warns in a tweet -

First of all ... is it really that worth it to go to all that trouble for a new color scheme? No.

So if you've fallen victim to this trap Twitter suggests -

If your account was locked after changing your Twitter birthday to 2007, please follow the instructions that were sent after the change was made to your account.

Want a change on Twitter? Try switching your app to night mode, it's darker and easier on the eyes. You've been warned!

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